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Migrating Your Design System to Jetpack Compose
Jetpack Compose represents a paradigm shift in how Android developers approach building their UI, but how do you get started, and how do you transition a complex app - and your team - to this new model? 

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In this article,  Alexey Bykov will explain the internals of the ArrayMap and SparseArray, which are analogous to JDK HashMap.
Swifts guard statement is something we miss in Kotlin. What does it do and how can we achieve something similar?
Writing instrumentation tests on Android can be quite difficult, especially if you are just starting out. Thankfully nowadays we have different libraries that help us quickly setup instrumentation tests in no time.
Building a backend system that serves millions of parallel customers means building highly available and scalable systems and operating these reliably. But what about mobile clients for the same systems?
Libraries and useful resources
Many beautiful bottom sheets for quick use in your project. OptionsSheet, CalendarSheet, ColorSheet, ClockTimeSheet, TimeSheet, InputSheet (forms/surveys), InfoSheet, CustomSheets...
Flappy Bird app using Jetpack Compose
A special episode of the Material Design Components series for MAD Skills.
A practical overview of the Open-Closed Principle
Class of the week
The BoxInsetLayout class in the Wear UI Library lets you define a single layout that works for both square and round screens. This class applies the required window insets depending on the screen shape and lets you easily align views on the center or near the edges of the screen.
Beyond Android
When faced with a critical bug in a client app that’s already shipped to customers, one of the key first steps in the debugging process is finding the earliest commit in which the bug is present. Tools like git bisect can make finding this commit much easier. But what do you do once you’ve found the offending change?