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JSONApi is a Blessing For Offline Ready Apps by no need to memorize
JSON API is a well defined response format that is targeting to put an end to API response format debates and maximize response caching benefits. How can we use this for offline apps?
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Here are a few interesting aspects of Kotlin ranges, some of which I've found to be less-than-intuitive. 
Lambda expressions and companion objects.

What can a #Behavior do? More like what can’t they do.

Make an All-In-One Activity into a ViewModel powered one with the new Android Architecture Components.

In this post I want to share why I might not convert all my AutoValue classes to Kotlin data classes at this moment.

UI form validation library for Android.

Finally, it’s our favorite time of the month! Again, we’ve collected some nice libraries that we’d like to share with you.
While in town for Droidcon Boston, Huyen chats with Victoria Gonda, speaker and Android developer for Collective Idea, about how to uncover the inner workings of Kotlin by decompiling it to Java.
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This class allows you to access the state of USB and communicate with USB devices. 
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