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Kotlin 1.2 M2 is out | Kotlin Blog
We’re happy to announce the second milestone release for Kotlin 1.2. The primary focus of this release is concerned with stability and bugfixes in Kotlin compiler and tooling as well as impro…

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I’ve previously taken a look at using AirbnbEng’s Lottie to create vector animations on Android:

Once you discover map, filter, flatMap and so on, it is really hard to go back to using loops.

Regular readers of Styling Android will know that I like Spans. A lot. They are an incredibly versatile way of formatting text. However, there is one type of Span which can be problematic: Clickabl…

A4 printable RxJava cheat sheet contains the most frequently used classes, data processing functions, and idioms for working with RxJava.

Hello. This is Dan Lew. You may or may not know me as the author of RxLifecycle. Here’s why I’ve started pulling back from using my creation. Origins When Trello first started using RxJava, we were dismayed with how easy it was to leak memory when using it.


jspoon - Annotation based HTML to Java parser + Retrofit converter

kotlinx.atomicfu - The idiomatic way to use atomic operations in Kotlin


In this talk Kaushik looks at fresh set of RxJava examples, all demonstrating the powerful concept of multicasting.

TheContext-Podcast - Podcast about Android Development with Hannes Dorfmann, Artem Zinnatullin and wonderful guests!

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Utility class for constructing synthetic back stacks for cross-task navigation on Android 3.0 and newer.
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