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Kotlin 1.2 Released: Sharing Code between Platforms
Major new release and a big step on road towards enabling the use of Kotlin across all components of a modern application.

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In Kotlin’s standard functions, there’s two functions - takeIf and takeUnless, that at first glance, what’s so special about it? Is it pretty much just if?
Google started to roll out an update to the Android 8.1 developer preview, the last before the official launch to consumers in December.
What is Android? What do you mean by rooting an Android phone? Does an Android App developer need to know about Android system to become a professional?
APIs (application programming interfaces) make mobile apps and browser apps work. A great API serves as the building block for all the other components of a successful mobile app. 

This article is all about the Subject available in RxJava.

Type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics.

Fastlane is an open source tool, maintained by Google, to automate the complete test and release process of your iOS and Android apps. In this video, Josh and Felix will show what fastlane is, and how to automate tedious tasks such as code signing, generating 
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A class loader that loads classes from .jar and .apk files containing a classes.dex entry. This can be used to execute code not installed as part of an application.
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