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Launching Data safety in Play Console: Elevating Privacy and Security for your users
We know that a big part of feeling safe online is having control over your data. That’s why every day we’re committed to empowering users with advanced security and privacy controls and increased agency with respect to data practices. 
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I rewrote the bytecode to unlock premium features and now I will show you how to prevent it from happening to your apps.
I’ve spent the last few weeks learning about compose and decided to write a post to share my notes. 

We will see some of the Dagger 2 generated code more specifically on how it uses SingleCheck<T> & DoubleCheck<T> implementations of javax.inject.Provider<T> internally.

Jetpack Compose is like magic. Let’s take a look at a simple sample code and see how it is implemented.
Libraries and useful resources
A lightweight Android library that wraps Android's callback-based APIs into suspending extension functions which allow writing them in a sequential way within coroutines or observe multiple callbacks through Kotlin flow.
In this session of Accessibility in Android, Developer Programs Engineer Shailen Tuli discusses tips regarding a more adequate experience for touch targets...
Class of the week
The LightsManager class allows control over device lights.
Beyond Android
An SRS document describes what the resulting solution will do, how it is expected to perform, and how the team should approach development