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Bitrise vs. CircleCI for Android in a head-to-head battle
In mobile development, usually, developers are the ones who will set up and maintain CI/CD. In that sense, the best CI is the one they waste the least time on so they can focus on development more. 

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Clean Architecture on Android to build robust, flexible and maintainable applications.
If you’re implementing SMS verification using one-time-codes into your app, check out the new SMS User Consent API.
In part 1 of this series, we explored how you can make your app go ‘edge-to-edge’. Unfortunately this can result in some of your views being drawn behind the system bars, obscuring them from the user. This post explores how we can inset those views, moving them away from the system bars.
How to configure your module paths, instead of using Gradle’s default.
23 functions for drawing with Android Canvas
Shark is the heap analyzer that powers LeakCanary 2. It’s a Kotlin standalone heap analysis library that runs at high speed with a low memory footprint.
Barista makes developing UI test faster, easier and more predictable. Built on top of Espresso, it provides a simple and discoverable API, removing most of the boilerplate and verbosity of common Espresso tasks. You and your Android team will write tests with no effort.
Finding the right architecture for the problem sets we face as Android developers still feels like a complicated task, even with all the libraries that promise to fix a lot of them. This talk covers best practices and patterns you can apply in different use cases to ensure you’re building a robust, solid, and extensible Android architecture.
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GitHub Actions now includes built-in CI/CD. Easily automate how you build, test, and deploy your projects on any platform, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.