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Room 🔗 Flow
Coroutines support in Room has been increasing at every release: Room 2.1 added coroutines support for one-shot read / write operations and with Room 2.2 we now have support for observable reads with Flow enabling you to get notified of changes in your database.
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When an italic or bold font is unavailable, Android commits a typographical sin by slanting or stretching the regular font. Here's how you can avoid it.
I have been continuously getting requests on different channels to help with the learning path for Android Developers. So, I decided to answer this and help learners. I am sure this is going to help many developers who are willing to become a better Android Developer.
The animated icon that we’re going to look at this time is based on a set of four icons which only differ by the fact the direction in which the arrow in the centre points. 
One of our long-time traditions here at Android Police was covering the monthly updates to the Android Platform Distribution statistics, which highlighted how quickly (or more often, how slowly) new versions of Android rolled out to the masses. However, Google hasn't provided new numbers since May of this year.
Libraries and useful resources
The apps in this repository are Android implementations of fictional Material Studies. Each one is built using the MDC-Android library and showcases customizations of color, typography, and shape made with Material Theming.
In this decompress episode, Donn and KG talk about how their 2019 went. It goes from Dagger talk to Kotlin talk to Kotlin Conf talk. Give it a listen and enjoy!
In this episode, Chet and Romain travel all the way to London to have a chat with Michael Wright. This is not Michael's first time on the podcast and one again the discussion is about displays, input devices and haptics.
Class of the week
A CipherOutputStream is composed of an OutputStream and a Cipher so that write() methods first process the data before writing them out to the underlying OutputStream. The cipher must be fully initialized before being used by a CipherOutputStream.
Beyond Android
In this article, I’ll show you how to build your own custom controller using one of the cheapest, beginner-friendly, and versatile micro-controller boards on the market: the Arduino Uno.