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Jetpack Compose: A Turning Point for Native Android UI
This blog post covers the tool’s core functionality – State. We’ll get into composition and recomposition, stateful composables, making them stateless with state hoisting, and their integration with ViewModel. We’ll also introduce animations to make the UI more alive. Finally, we’ll write instrumental tests to demonstrate how to test Composables.
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This quickstart shows you how to store data remotely, easily access them and monitor the changes in Real-time.

Measuring the render performance impact of Jetpack Compose across several common integration scenarios.

The second tutorial of our series on implementing in-app purchases on Android. How to process the purchases and handle subscription change

I have been working on a social media application for about 4 to 5 months. It is really clear that for an social media application a working API is crucial. However, It has not been my case in the project . At least,not for first couple of months. Despite all of these facts, I’ve written the application successfully by following the rules that I will talk about.
Libraries and useful resources
Make a cool intro for your Android app. Contribute to AppIntro/AppIntro development by creating an account on GitHub.

🌀 A lightweight dropdown popup spinner with a fully customizable arrow and animations. 🌀
Welcome to the live Q&A for the Performance series for MAD Skills, hosted by Android Developer Relations Engineer Florina Muntenescu. This time, Florina is joined by Carmen Jackson and Joshua Gilpatrick to answer your Performance questions!

Class of the week
The Collator class performs locale-sensitive String comparison. You use this class to build searching and sorting routines for natural language text.

Beyond Android
This list isn’t meant to make you feel bad about your writing. I’ve probably done all of these things! I’m certainly going to do them again! I even did at least one of them while writing this post!