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Intro to Machine Learning on Android — How to convert a custom model to TensorFlow Lite

For developers, the ability to run pre-trained models on mobile signifies an important shift towards edge computing. By being able to…

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A few weeks or so ago the first developer preview of Android P was made available to us.

Follow along this deep dive into JVM internals and Java bytecode to see how you can disassemble your files for in-depth inspections.

MediaPlayer seems to be deceptively simple to use, but complexity lives just below the surface.

When developing good software, developers often rely on design patterns, which we can define as valuable and proven solutions to known…


kotlintest - Powerful, elegant and flexible Kotlin test framework


Android Studio 3.1 release introduces highly requested improvements to the Android Profilers, including C++ profiling, class and method filtering in CPU and ...

How do you set up ViewModel and LiveData to fetch from the internet? Lyla Fujiwara walks us through these architecture components, plus some tips and tricks ...

Developing Android Apps has notoriously been a difficult task. Previously, Google refrained from giving advice as to how you should go about architecting your Android applications and it has been “left it up to the reader” to decide how. 
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A listener class for monitoring changes in specific telephony states on the device, including service state, signal strength, message waiting indicator (voicemail), and others.
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