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How to Prepare Your Android App for a Pentest – Networking Edition
Making your app as secure as possible is a must when developing an application, especially if you deal with sensitive user information. To identify the weak spots of your application's security, it is good practice to have it tested by mobile security experts. The testing method they use for this is called penetration testing.

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In the last article we looked at both the Row and Column layouts, along with how they can be used when constructing our user interface. Alongside these Row and Column components we also have the FlexRow and FlexColumn components – which are both very similar.
When type definitions distract from what your code means because they’re not readable, expressive or just too long, Kotlin has just the right feature for you: typealias!
In this blog post we will learn how to make a Toolbar and a Bottom Navigation Bar in Jetpack Compose. There are two types of AppBars in Jetpack Compose: TopAppBar and BottomAppBar. Let’s explore them both.
View Binding is an upcoming feature in Android, available in Android Studio 3.6 Canary 11+ which allows you to more easily interact with Views. It’s quick and easy to enable, and allows for type-safe view access. We’re likely all going to be using it in Fragments. Let’s explore how we can use it, in a safe and easy way!
Libraries and useful resources
Kotlin Library for Async Data Loading and Caching.
A library that offers the fastest way to execute Android instrumentation tests.
How do you refactor bluetooth code on Android with zero test coverage? When touching such code you have to test it with real phones and bluetooth devices to ensure you are not breaking anything. Thus changes come with a high risk of introducing new bugs. At mySugr we spent quite some time refactoring our bluetooth code, so that we can write plain Kotlin unit tests for it and easily add new functionality.
Class of the week
This class provides the primary API for managing Wi-Fi Aware operations: discovery and peer-to-peer data connections.
Beyond Android
Don’t be a clean code zealot. Clean code is not a goal. It’s an attempt to make some sense out of the immense complexity of systems we’re dealing with. It’s a defense mechanism when you’re not yet sure how a change would affect the codebase but you need guidance in a sea of unknows.