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How to Prepare an App for Huawei AppGallery
No uploading apps on AppGallery before you replace all Google services with the right Huawei alternative.

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Guide to put your raw asset in the right location

Last week we saw the launch of the Google Play In-App Review API – this new API allows users to be presented with a review sheet inside of the app, allowing them to review your app without switching context – this is something I am incredibly thankful for and have wanted for so long! In this post we’re going to dive into exactly what it is, how it works and how we can make use of it in our android applications.
An Android 11 checklist for developers

An introduction to a simple application that uses ML Kit & maths to create an augmented reality sudoku solver

Libraries and useful resources
Kotlin way of building RecyclerView Adapter 🧩. You do not have to write RecyclerView Adapters again and again and suffer from handling of different view types. Kiel will help you.
A fast, secure and modular key-value storage with batteries-included for Android and JVM.
The big screen is a big deal. Learn about the big investments we are making in Android TV and the newest features we are building to help you connect with TV users. 
On this episode, Denis gives us a deeper dive into Jetpack Compose.

Class of the week
App-ops are used for two purposes: Access control and tracking. App-ops cover a wide variety of functionality from helping with runtime permissions access control and tracking to battery consumption tracking.
Beyond Android
We have spent several decades driving software testing initiatives in various very large software companies. One of the areas that we have consistently advocated for is the use of code coverage data to assess risk and identify gaps in testing. However, the value of code coverage is a highly debated subject with strong opinions, and a surprisingly polarizing topic.