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Hilt - Adding components to the hierarchy
You can create a component with a Hilt component as a parent and access its scoped types using entry points.

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In this post, as the title suggests, I'll discuss why one shouldn't emit View States (or as some people prefer to call it Resource nowadays) from Repository, and why is it Anti-Pattern IMO. While discussing that, this post will also address why returning LiveData from Repository doesn't make sense.
In this article I would like to show you a small application built with Jetpack Compose UI and with the use of Coroutines StateFlow as a tool for sharing state between screens. Moreover, MVI architecture will be also used.

In this article, we are going to discuss the internals of ViewModel which is a part of Android Architecture Components. We will first briefly discuss the usages of ViewModel in Android and then we will go in detail about how ViewModel actually works and how it retains itself on configuration changes.

We’re excited by the increased adoption of Android and are grateful for the close collaborations with our chipset and OEM partners to deploy updates earlier. 
Libraries and useful resources
A timezone data management library for the JVM and Android targeting java.time APIs in Java 8+.
Implementing an authentication by a PIN code is an ordinary task for a mobile applications developer. You can even think of it as some kind of boilerplate code. But it's a trap. Such tasks have a number of security gotchas. Therefore there's a high risk of implementing it in an insecure manner. Don't worry, Pinkman to the rescue!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development. In this episode, Chet Haase covers an update on #11WeeksofAndroid featuring ML, Privacy, and Compatibility; a Reddit AMA with the Android team; more Android 11 meetups; AndroidX releases; articles, videos, and a codelab; and a new ADB podcast episode.
Class of the week
Class representing Passpoint configuration. This contains configurations specified in PerProviderSubscription (PPS) Management Object (MO) tree.
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What is the difference between API authentication schemes, like HTTP Basic Authentication, API Keys, and OAuth?