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Make sure your users have the latest app version installed
An Android and iOS open-source library dubbed Prince of Versions standardizes notifications about application updates.
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By combining RxJava’s reactive paradigm and functional style operations, you can model a wide range of concurrency constructs in a reactive way, even in Android’s non-reactive world
Pablo Pallocchi describes how to implement Splash screen without using Runnables
Nice tutorial about integrating Tensorflow in Android apps.

Too many times I've seen developers trying to avoid crashes at all cost. But are unhandled exceptions really that bad? And are null checks really the answer?
Firebase is such an exciting new collection of services that Joe has been reading up on and experimenting with. 

Library checks for updates using
configuration from some resource.

COBE's monthly list of top 5 Android libraries.
App Links, introduced in Android Marshmallow, is a great way to reduce friction for users launching HTTP links pointing to your app on Android by getting rid of the disambiguation dialog. 
In this video Wojtek Kaliciński shows the notable new features of Android Studio 2.3.

Class of the week
A wrapper class for the crypto objects supported by FingerprintManager

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