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DIY — Device lab
What to do during the COVID-19 pandemic… well I cleaned up my house and found some old phones that I wasn’t using anymore.
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Kotlin 1.5 will bring exciting new features, among them improvements to sealed classes and an introduction of sealed interfaces. Let's take a look at what that will look like!

We’ve got 2021 and if you are an Android Developer you need to know a few things that are going to change really soon.
ViewModelComponent is a component in the Hilt’s component hierarchy that follows the lifecycle of a ViewModel and allows scoping types to it.

Android Studio is a powerful IDE with a multitude of features that I’ll probably never discover. However, when I do discover a feature of the IDE that I’ve been dreaming about, I get irrationally excited about it!
Libraries and useful resources
Synth is CRED's inbuilt library for using Neumorphic components in your app.
On this episode of Motion Layout for the MAD Skills series, Sean will show us how to use ConstraintSets and Transitions to define animations from multiple views in Motion Layout.  
Class of the week
Interface for an Activity to interact with the user through voice. Use Activity.getVoiceInteractor to retrieve the interface, if the activity is currently involved in a voice interaction.
Beyond Android
Batching work is more efficient … until cost rises nonlinearly with batch size. Then smaller batches are the most efficient. So don’t delay maintenance!
Here we go again! Join us for our first Infinum Talks in 2021 and let's start this year the right way. We have prepared two interesting topics for you.