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Material Design Components for Android 1.4.0
NavigationRailView, motion theming, and more

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Following coroutine’s best practices, you might need to inject an application-scoped CoroutineScope in some classes to launch new coroutines that follow the app lifecycle
Do you have a mixed Java/Kotlin code base? Then you should start using more Kotlin functions in your Java code! Yes you can!
In this blog post, you’ll learn the design decisions behind the Lifecycle.repeatOnLifecycle API.
The Android Jelly Bean (JB) platform was first released 9 years ago and as of July 2021, the active device count is below 1%. 
Libraries and useful resources
A Kotlin compiler plugin to make dependency injection with Dagger 2 easier
In this episode, Romain and Tor are joined by Adarsh Fernando, Arif Sukoco and Yahan Zhou from the Android Studio team, covering the recent improvements to support for testing.
Check out what happened in Kotlin in June 2021! 
Class of the week
Helper class for generating large-format notifications that include a large image attachment
Beyond Android
3 practical exercises that you can do during any programming task