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Measure, measure, measure
A journey about how to measure build times for Android

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Experience with KSP; not a guide how to use KSP with Room
Compose is still quite new and so there aren’t years of best practices to follow. A ViewModel seems to be a best practice of the pre-Compose era but, as explained in this post, can be useful using Composables as well.
A new version of the Kotlin serialization library – 1.3.0 – is now available following the release of Kotlin 1.5.30. It mainly focuses on broadening the JSON serialization capabilities.
Have you ever encountered APIs that show warnings or errors when you use them, saying that they're internal or experimental? In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about opt-in APIs in Kotlin: how to create and use them, and all their nuances.
Libraries and useful resources
A modern contacts Android API
In this video, TJ Dahunsi will introduce Paging by integrating the library into the data layer of an existing app. 
Class of the week
Describes a face detected by ARCore and provides methods to access additional center and face region poses as well as face mesh related data.
Beyond Android
The database is the world's principle source of timezone information. The data is included in everything from operating systems to smartphones to programming language development kits such as the JDK. While you may never have heard of it, the sheer pervasiveness of the data makes the potential impact of change or damage pretty huge.