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Prefer Storing Data with Jetpack DataStore
Welcome Jetpack DataStore, now in alpha - a new and improved data storage solution aimed at replacing SharedPreferences.
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I lie somewhere in the middle, I need a physical device for development, but I also need it to be on my screen, for when I am presenting my work to someone over a Google meet/zoom/hangout call.
Android R adds one-time permissions to the user experience. The idea is that the user can grant a runtime permission for a while. I thought that it was for the current process invocation, but it appears as though you lose the permission if your app moves to the background for a while as well, where “a while” is less than a minute.
Understanding the flow of the Android APK build process, the execution environment, and code compilation blog post aims to be the starting point for developers to get familiar with the build process of Android APK.
Libraries and useful resources
Sentinel is a simple one screen UI which provides a standardised entry point for tools used in development and QA alongside device, application and permissions data. 
Jetpack Compose makes it easy to write and manage an application’s frontend by providing a declarative API.
Showkase is an annotation-processor based Android library that helps you organize, discover, search and visualize Jetpack Compose UI elements.

Jetpack Compose is now in alpha and you might want to start adding it to your existing apps. In this talk, you'll learn how to do that!
Class of the week
RecycledViewPool lets you share Views between multiple RecyclerViews.
Beyond Android
Can you fit a whole game into a QR code?