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Merge adapters sequentially with MergeAdapter
MergeAdapter is a new class available in recyclerview:1.2.0-alpha02 which enables you to sequentially combine multiple adapters to be displayed in a single RecyclerView. This enables you to better encapsulate your adapters rather than having to combine many data sources into a single adapter, keeping them focused and re-usable.
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One of the items that I found interesting in the second half of my R DP2 random musings was SurfaceControlViewHost. I experimented with it this week, and it at least partially works. In a nutshell: one app can embed and display a live UI from another app.
The findViewById() vs Butterknife vs Kotlin Synthetics vs DataBinding vs ViewBindings For more than a decade, Android developers have struggled with a simple but annoying issue.
You know all of those Util files you create with all sorts of small functions that you end up using a lot throughout your app? If your utility functions get other functions as parameters, chances are you can improve the performance of your app by saving some extra object allocations, that you might not even know you’re making, with one keyword: inline.
Today we are releasing a preview of our first Android dual-screen layout control for Java and Kotlin developers. The new control and associated helpers will enable you to build dynamic and responsive apps that take advantage of the Microsoft Surface Duo and its two screens.
Dependency Injection (DI) can often feel opaque and daunting, especially to developers who are new to architecting codebases. It’s got a fancy name and a lot of the tools you might use to accomplish it have either an extremely steep learning curve, or one that’s so simple an inexperienced developer doesn’t realize the magic that’s actually happenning.
Libraries and useful resources
A tiny android annotation library for injecting styled attributes into custom views.
Jetpack Compose news and notes.
Manuel Vivo, Android Engineer from the Developer Relations Team at Google, gives an introduction to Kotlin Coroutines. Stay tuned to find out about the problems coroutines are trying to solve, how to use coroutines in Android, how to test them, and much more!
In this first ever full-remote episode, Tor and Chet discuss audio programming with Don Turner from the Android DevRel team, and Phil Burk from the Android Audio Framework team. They chat about OBOE, low-latency audio, audio performance in general, etc.
Class of the week
Subclass of NavHostController that offers additional APIs for testing Navigation.
Beyond Android
Tried and tested object-oriented design principles for writing robust and clean code in Java and other OOP programming language.