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ViewBinding – the New Standard for View Interaction Handling
View Binding shines where many of its popular predecessors fail. We've rounded up reasons why it’s the new best practice in handling view interactions.

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Android Studio is a fully-featured development environment built by JetBrains that has everything you need to build awesome Android applications. With the power-packed features in the IntelliJ IDEA based IDE comes an endless list of plugins.
In this Bubbles for Android 10 tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Bubble API to create notification bubbles to let users easily multitask.

Use coroutines for operations that are valid in the current process and can be cancelled if the user kills the app (e.g. making a network request you want to cache). What’s the pattern to trigger these operations?
Canvas is a 2D drawing framework that provides us with methods to draw different objects onto the screen. Canvas API is not a new concept, actually this API is a wrapper around Skia, an open-source 2D graphics library which provides common APIs that work across a variety of hardware and software platforms.

Make verification process in Android application? How to do it easy for Android developer?

Libraries and useful resources
This project contains various examples that show how you would do things the "Jetpack Compose" way can serve as a Maven repository for serving snapshot builds. Click on the Snapshots link, to explore which builds are available. You can also get to the latest build using this URL.
AinD: Android in Docker. Ain't an emulator.
Tiem Song, Developer Programs Engineer on the Android DevRel team, goes over the variety of tools and libraries that Jetpack has to offer to make Android development easier than ever before. Stay tuned to find out more on AndroidX and Sunflower - a gardening app illustrating Android 
Class of the week
This class writes one or more still images (of the same dimensions) into a heif file.
Beyond Android
There are several GUI Git clients available for users. If you are looking for the ideal client to manage the repository on your Mac, then you are lucky because this is the list of the best GUI Git clients for Mac OS X.
This community led online event is fully dedicated to the Flutter development framework. A set of experts from all around the world will present you various topics to improve your skills and learn how to be more creative with the technology. Everything will be presented in a relaxed mood, and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions to the experts during the live sessions.