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Modeling Android Screens as State
Comparing different structures of modeling a screen as state in Android.

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Issues with Android's Private DNS over TLS via Adguard or PiHole using Let's Encrypt TLS Certificates after the recent Root Certificate expiry.
Trello Android recently converted from using Gson to Moshi for handling JSON. It was a bit tricky so I wanted to document the process. 
After a few usual frustrations, we got our integration up and running, and WorkManager was working as expected. Happy days! But wait, what about testing?
Most people compare modifiers with XML attributes in the old Android UI world. But they are quite different. In this post, I will cover the biggest differences I noticed, that make them way more powerful and flexible than attributes.
Libraries and useful resources
User scoping library for Android applications
Theresa, Product Marketing Manager for Android and Google Play, shares key policy updates from our October 2021 Play policy announcements...
Class of the week
Provides the central interface between an application and Android's data backup infrastructure
Beyond Android
We simply go the whole distance and compile it for every Kotlin target, while also shipping it as a single Kotlin multiplatform artifact. For a year this worked fine.