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One RecyclerView to rule them all | Infinum

When RecyclerView was introduced, we were amazed with all of the new possibilities. We could finally start using ViewHolders by defaults, simply switch between list or grid by using a different LayoutManager, define our own custom click listeners, and a lot more.

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Uber Engineering built a custom stack that generates AutoValue models using immutable collections to stably migrate Android apps at scale.

Whenever we add Navigation Drawer to our app, we face a lot of boilerplate code that pollutes the Activity.

When you’re using MPV on Android, especially when your presenter survives configuration changes, the presenter has the at least two methods…

OOT is a mini series on writing maintainable Object Oriented code without pulling your hair out. Click here for trick #1, trick #2.

Going beyond the headlines and digging out the diamonds in the rough of the Android O API Diff.

With code generation, Litho can perform optimisations for your UI under the hood, while keeping your code simple and easy to maintain.

RxJava's use in building Android apps has grown rapidly! Combining and composing synchronous and asynchronous sources of data has become easy. That burden th...

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