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Benchmarking Image Loading Libraries on Android
Each of the 4 main image loading libraries on Android (Coil, Fresco, Glide, and Picasso) has different design considerations and features. However, what if we wanted to compare their image decoding speed? 
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Using WebViews in your native application is very common these days but when it comes to performance, rendering of a WebView is quite slow. As most of the heavy lifting done by WebView is loading images.
In that article, I explained why having a Style System help us to have a cohesive and easy to develop UI in our apps. I used typography as a guide to explain the main concepts related to the Android Application Theming, the Android solution to have a Style System.
Deep thoughts on deep links… with Navigation component

Continuing the discussion about Google’s limitations and how to bypass them

Libraries and useful resources
Hello to all fans of Android-development!
A pluggable sealed API result type for modeling Retrofit responses.
A asynchronous heuristics evasion library for Android with a KTX scoping function
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Class of the week
Interface to let you add and remove child views to an Activity. To get an instance of this class, call Context.getSystemService().
Beyond Android
The title of this post, you are not expected to understand this, is one of the most famous comments ever. It is in the v6 version of Unix, the mother operating system of Linux, Android,and iOS.