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Gesture Navigation Tutorial for Android
In this Android tutorial, you will learn how to add support for gesture navigation to your app, a feature that was added in Android 10.
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New in Android Studio 3.6, view binding gives you the ability to replace findViewById with generated binding objects to simplify code, remove bugs, and avoid all the boilerplate of findViewById.
In many screens of our applications it’s likely that we’re making use of a Toolbar / AppBar within our Android applications. When it comes to building apps with Jetpack Compose, we’re going to want to recreate this component. In this article we’re going to take a look at the Top App Bar component which allows us to do so.
Day-to-day tasks as an Android Developer can consist of varying jobs to complete your work effectively. Whether it is making sure your network requests are correct or ensuring pixel-perfect screens, there are a few tools that have made my day-to-day development easier.

How we managed to add an instant app to the five-year-old parcel tracking app of Dutch postal company PostNL.

Libraries and useful resources
Kotlin Compiler Plugin which high-jacks Kotlin assert function calls and transforms them similar to Groovy's Power Assert feature. This plugin uses the new IR backend for the Kotlin compiler.
Analyze dependency usage in Android and Java/Kotlin projects, with a Gradle plugin.
Few years ago I open sourced a library called Store. It was an implementation of the repository pattern exposed through rxjava observable interfaces. Fast forward to today and store has 3500+ stars, 20+ contributors. In this presentation I'm talking about a clean rewrite of Store in kotlin particularly dropping #RxJava for #Coroutines. I'll go over converting tests, finding similar apis and all the lessons learned from forcing users to switch to kotlin.
Class of the week
This class represents an MTP or PTP device connected on the USB host bus. An application can instantiate an object of this type, by referencing an attached UsbDevice and then use methods in this class to get information about the device and objects stored on it, as well as open the connection and transfer data.
Beyond Android
Both me and my business partner had been doing our best to build a remote-first startup. Since that is the way that both of us would imagine ourselves to be part of. Besides, I think being a remote-first organisation has the advantage and disadvantage that comes with it. This becomes more important than ever due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Which could force more people in adopting remote work to reduce the spread of the virus.