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Always provide a Modifier parameter
Modifiers are probably my favourite thing in Compose. They truly encapsulate the idea of composition over inheritance, by providing a number of interfaces and implementations to attach logic and behavior to layouts. This blog post looks at why we should embrace them in our composables.

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How well do the new M1 Pro MacBooks stack up for Android Development?
So today at Android Dev Summit, we announced a feature drop for Android 12 that is purpose-built for large screens, we’re calling it 12L, along with new APIs, tools, and guidance to make it easier to build for large screens.
Recognize hand drawn, digital shapes with the power of mobile machine learning.

Learn to connect your android device wirelessly for development in few simple steps.

Libraries and useful resources
ProGuard Playground is officially out of beta with some exciting new features.
Gadget is a library that makes analytics tracking easier for android apps.

What it takes to build a browser? Today we have Sebastian Kaspari on stage to tell us about it with Firefox for Android.
Learn about new updates and watch demos on new developments and features in Android Studio and how the tools can integrate into your app development workflow.
Class of the week
A span which styles paragraphs by adding a vertical stripe at the beginning of the text.
Beyond Android
There are tons of articles online that discuss the articles/talks/books that you must consume to become a true programmer. I dislike this framing; it’s gatekeeping, plus software development is such a varied discipline that one person’s essential reading is entirely unnecessary for another.