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Themes vs Styles
The Android styling system offers a powerful way to specify your app’s visual design, but it can be easy to misuse. Proper use of it can make themes and styles easier to maintain, make branding updates less scary and make it straightforward to support dark modes. This is the first in a series of articles where Chris Banes and I will set out to demystify Android styling so that you can make stylish apps without pulling your hair out.
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MotionLayout is the new kid on the block for animations, transitions, complex motions, what-have-you. In this article, we’re going to look at how MotionLayout and Coroutines can help us structure multi-step animations.
Story about Android Jetpack Security library main features and practical usage of MasterKeys, EncryptedSharedPreferences and EncryptedFile components.
On November 3rd, 2019, we have reported a critical vulnerability affecting the Android Bluetooth subsystem. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2020-0022 and was now patched in the latest security patch from February 2020. The security impact is as follows.
Scoped storage essentially limits your app’s access to the user’s internal storage, especially in terms of where it can write its files. You might be wondering, what was the need for such a system? 
Libraries and useful resources
KaMP Kit by Touchlab is a collection of code and tools designed to get your mobile team started quickly with Kotlin Multiplatform.
In this episode, Chet and Romain talk with Yigit Boyar, from the Jetpack team, and Mike Nakhimovich from Dropbox. Mike and Yigit have been working on an Open Source library called Store. Store helps with the fetching, caching, storing and sharing of data in your application. Both Yigit and Mike used this opportunity to teach Chet and Romain about the repository pattern, how Store works, what makes building a library like Store challenging and much more.
In this episode KG and Donn talk about KG’s recent jaunt with Docker. In the attempt to setup continuous deployment for his blog, KG explains his simple requirement and how it lands up requiring some basic Docker. Donn then closes it out with some interesting in-depth knowledge on how to use Docker.
Class of the week
System level service for managing companion devices.
Beyond Android
Last month I finished reading The Pragmatic Programmer. I will admit I don’t necessarily enjoy reading software development books in my spare time, but I definitely got some good insights out of this book that I want to apply going forward.