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Kotlin Conversions — 4 Pitfalls You Should Look out For

Our workflow for Kotlin conversion at Blinkist and the pitfalls that you should look out for while converting code to Kotlin!

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How do you add the application context into your object graph? There used to be two different ways to do that (or three, if you happen to like dagger-android), and now there's a new one that just came out with Dagger 2.22: the @Component.Factory.
This post is part of a series on D8 and R8, Android’s new dexer and optimizer, respectively. 
An article about how you can use Kotlin Class Delegation to de-clutter your code.
Work manager is one of the Android Architecture Components. It allows running a deferrable background work which will be executed even after app exits or device restarts.
Android library for a VideoView that plays video only when eyes are open and a face is detected.
An Android & JVM key-value database powered by Protobuf and Coroutines.
Simple and extensible plugin to track task times in your Gradle Project.
Flexible and type-safe inline HTTP client for Android and Kotlin.
In this podcast I interview a full stack android developer. His name is Aidan Follestad. Currently he works for as a full stack android developer. His previous job was as an Android engineer for Target.
Class of the week
Stub activity that launches another activity (and then finishes itself) based on information in its component's manifest meta-data. This is a simple way to implement an alias-like mechanism.
Beyond Android
The idea of using machine learning to teach programs how to automatically write or modify code has always been tempting for computer scientists. The feat would not only greatly reduce engineering time and effort, but could also lead to the creation of novel and advanced intelligent agents. In a new paper, Google Brain researchers propose using neural networks to model human source code editing.