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With the receiver in scope
Repetition is a bane of software development. Kotlin scope functions help when they are idiomatically used.

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How to take the most out of the PdfRenderer

With our ongoing focus on privacy, we’re introducing changes on how apps can query and interact with other installed apps on the same device on Android 11. In particular, we’re bringing better scoped access to the list of apps installed on a given device.
I learned most of what I know about TLS certificates through reading APIs, source code, and specs. My instincts from dealing with ASN.1, X.509, and TLS as a user is that it the APIs are complex, and I should stay away️ from the even more complex implementations.
When testing Android applications (for example, the LinkedIn mobile app for Android), thorough testing practices can easily lead to a growth in the number of overall tests being performed—from hundreds to thousands to even tens of thousands.
Libraries and useful resources
Language Translation wrapper on Google Translate, DeepL and other custom translation engine in Android.

In this episode, Tor, Chet, and Romain talk with Sara N-Marandi and Philip Moltmann from the Android framework team about some of the new permissions changes in Android 11. We talk about why these changes were made, how to use them correctly in your code, and how things actually work on the inside.
Sudhi talks about how security features have evolved to where we are today with Android 11. We also explore the approach and philosophy of how we look at Security.
Class of the week
Estimates magnetic field at a given point on Earth, and in particular, to compute the magnetic declination from true north.
Beyond Android
This review is largely in response to the article "It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code", and the ensuing Reddit discussion. A lot of really inte