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Firebase ML Lesson 00: Machine Learning Techniques using Firebase ML Kit in Android — Getting Started
Most powerful Firebase asset to perform multi-functional work. Introduced in Google Firebase Summit 18 and again in Google I/O 19 with new features!!
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Class constant operations allow R8 to take calls such as MyActivity.class.getSimpleName() and replace it with the string literal "MyActivity". This was presented in the context of log tags, where you might write that expression instead of the string literal so that the tag always reflects the actual class name, even after obfuscation. This works great in a static context where the MyActivity.class literal is fixed, but it does not work when used on an instance.
@JvmDefault is an annotation + compiler flag in Kotlin to enable using Java 8 default interface methods. It does more than it leads on though! This post explores some other bytecode optimizations you can gain with it as well as some hidden behaviors you should be aware of.
Users demand more from apps every year and 2019 feels as though this pressure has never been so high. Among many ways we can improve the user experience as developers, driving the interface from a local database is an easy way to achieve robustness and flexibility. This is especially the case with database tools that can broadcast changes in the data set to interested parties.
In this Memory Leaks in Android tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Android Profiler and LeakCanary to detect common leaks and how to avoid them.
With over 2.5 billion active Android devices, Google Play helps your apps and games get discovered by billions of users worldwide. And from the latest Google Play Store visual refresh to the Indie Games Showcase, we’re constantly working to help users find apps and games they love while helping you grow successful businesses. Today we’re excited to announce the US launch of Google Play Pass.
Libraries and useful resources
A clean, minimal, highly customizable pin lock view for Android.
A LEGO® Catalog app illustrating current Android Architecture state using Android development best practices.
In this episode Donn answers this question and gives valid points on why both languages are valid options and why you might want to consider one over the other.
One of the best places to learn idiomatic Kotlin is the stdlib. Now I don’t mean just using the stdlib but going to the source, literally. In this session, we’ll look at some of the methods and tools inside the stdlib and dig into how they’re written to reveal intermediate to advanced language features, slick syntax and conventions, and high-level abstractions to help you write more fluent objects and interfaces.
Class of the week
A URLConnection with support for HTTP-specific features. Each instance of HttpURLConnection may be used for one request/response pair. Instances of this class are not thread safe.
Beyond Android
I recently found myself racing to fill out Chipotle’s online order form before my mother could find her credit card. In the process, I discovered a bug that could cost Chipotle $4.4 million annually.