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Migrating to Material Components for Android
MDC replaces the Design Support Library. This guide will show you how to migrate your codebase so you can make use of the new attributes, styles, and widgets. If you’re on MDC 1.0.0 this also provides the necessary migration steps to 1.1.0. Be sure to check out our corresponding video guide as well!
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Learn how to make an in-app mechanism to notify users of a new version of your app.
Given the popularity and success of Google Wear OS apps, we’ve decided to focus this article on the core aspects of the wearable app development process, discuss nuances that should be addressed carefully, as well as share our best practices on how to submit apps to Google Play Store.
In this blog post we will understand how we can use different types of animations in Jepack Compose using Transition.
When we work with types that can be added, removed, compared, or concatenated we end up with verbose code that we need to write again and again. In Kotlin, we can write more expressive and concise code for these types with the help of operator overloading.

Creating ViewModels in an MVI architecture

Libraries and useful resources
Through droidcon Online, a new virtual community event series, we intend to keep on doing what we do best, which is creating a safe and fun space for the community to interact and exchange ideas and information. 
A lightweight tool that simplifies testing of the process death scenario.
What are Polyglot programmers, should you be one? Listen to this episode and find out!
Google explains the spring 2020 Play policy updates on subscriptions, background location access, malware, resource downloads, and more.
Class of the week
ViewDragHelper is a utility class for writing custom ViewGroups. It offers a number of useful operations and state tracking for allowing a user to drag and reposition views within their parent ViewGroup.
Beyond Android
Few months ago I had a penetration test project of a mobile application. I found an interesting vulnerability which made me capable of compromising any account in their system. I made proxy between the application and the Internet so I could intercept the requests and responses in the Burp suite