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Stop Holding Dagger by the Blade: Use the
Hilt will make your Dagger setup way more readable and much easier to maintain.

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XDA Forums user SteelToe has released a new web tool that allows you to perform all functionality provided by ADB right from your browser.

With this release, we are adjusting the version numbering of Android Studio and our Gradle plugin. This change decouples the Gradle plugin from the Android Studio versioning scheme and brings more clarity to which year and IntelliJ version Android Studio aligns with for each release.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Window Insets and Keyboard Animations in Android 11 and how to add these features to your android app.

Pitfalls of building a brilliant app

Libraries and useful resources
Using the navigation component for a simple single-module application is easy. Just create your nav graph, set your start destination and give the nav graph to the NavHostFragment and voila, it’s all ready to go! However when your feature modules are decoupled from each other it’s not so easy to implement.
Robust error-handling for Kotlin and Android
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development. In this episode, Chet Haase covers an update on App Bundles, Material Design Components, new target API requirements, new fragment and flow docs, and several articles and videos!
Class of the week
A BoringLayout is a very simple Layout implementation for text that fits on a single line and is all left-to-right characters.
Beyond Android
Best practices for code review when you're the author.