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How to Optimize Dagger Module
Make small changes in the code to shorten the build time consumed by dependency injection. Ready?

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You are invalidating the whole project for any change within buildSrc, usually without there being a valid reason. We can keep the sweetness of Kotlin whilst avoiding this.
Once you have spent enough time with Android development, it is pretty clear that you can't master all parts of the ecosystem. Some parts are very essential for your day to day projects, and as such, must be learned thoroughly and mastered, and other parts are easily forgettable until the next time you need them.
The first time we hear about encryption we get all dizzy ’cause we think this is going to be really hard to handle but in reality, the things are completely different.
In this blog, we are going to learn how to work with StateFlow and manage state in the project. We will also see the implementation of how to use StateFlow in our project.
Libraries and useful resources
Niddler is a network debugging utility for Android and java apps that caches network requests/responses, and exposes them over a websocket based protocol.
Android Library and App for testing Play Store billing.
Jetpack Compose is the new UI toolkit from Google that is Kotlin First. It takes advantage of Kotlin's Compiler Plugin Architecture to provide a performant UI layer for Android development (albeit extensible to other platforms). We sit down with lead of the project to discuss what it is and plans around it.
Class of the week
An AutofillService is a service used to automatically fill the contents of the screen on behalf of a given user.
Beyond Android
We're excited to share the results of our 10th annual developer survey! 65,000 developers shared their thoughts on the state of software today.