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System-wide Library Sharing
Today, the biggest issue when looking at the size of an app is generally the large amount of dependencies your application relies on.
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How to cleanup some of your Android code with a simple abstract class conversion in Java 8.

On the road to a #SmallerAPK.

Activities have their lifecycle, and the same goes forFragments. Hence, communication from Fragments to Activities is notoriously problematic.
Android's keystore has been available for many years, providing app developers with a way to use cryptographic keys for authentication and encryption.
Size does matter especially for apps targeting users in the developing market.

A W.I.P Android Security Ref.
Better In App Billing Testing on Android.
In this episode, Donn is at Droidcon NYC 2017. 
Class of the week
MediaMetadataRetriever class provides a unified interface for retrieving frame and meta data from an input media file.
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