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The Bifurcation Of Android
How the emergence of a dual-class app permission structure is handicapping developers in Africa.
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How tools made us forget how to write sane constructors

n the last post we took a look into Hilt and how, at a high level, it can be used for Dependency Injection in Android projects. Now that we have seen how the API can be used, I want to start taking deeper dives into how things are working under the hood.
Rewriting an app can be a long and daunting process, but it has a number of advantages over making in-place improvements to your codebase.
When I started working on Coil I thought domain-specific languages (DSLs) were a Kotlinesque replacement for builders. As a result, many of Coil’s public functions accept a trailing lambda for object construction
Libraries and useful resources
Small and easy to use Android library for beacon monitoring.
Bringing reactive dataflow to RecyclerViews.
A Kotlin compiler plugin to make dependency injection with Dagger 2 easier.
In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Hoi Lam and Matej Pfajfar about machine learning on Android. Tune in to learn about ML Kit, TensorFlow Lite, transfer learning, federated learning, ML model binding, the Android Neural Networks API, and more!
Class of the week
This class is a convenience wrapper around AsyncPagingDataDiffer that implements common default behavior for item counting, and listening to update events.
Beyond Android
What a query-based compiler is and what they are good for.