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Introducing Retromock, a Better Way to Mock Retrofit API
Retromock is a Java library for mocking responses in a Retrofit service that'll make your life easier.

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Presents several best practices that have a positive impact by making your app more scalable and testable when using coroutines.
I started learning Jetpack Compose this week. Two days into that adventure, here's a quick look at how a neat clock design can be built up in Compose, step-by-step.
Kotlin has been designed from the beginning to fully interoperate with Java, and both JetBrains and Google have pushed in that direction. 
With the help of an experiment, I will try to understand the real cost of using a high number of data classes in an application.

How to create bottom sheets in Jetpack Compose
Libraries and useful resources
Set of tutorials to learn about Compose, a modern toolkit for building native Android UI.
Android Developer Relations Engineer Caren Chang will give us a closer look on how to get started with using the WorkManager APIs. 
Class of the week
An asynchronous data stream that sequentially emits values and completes normally or with an exception.
Beyond Android
There have been a couple good critiques of Gradle that I’ve read lately. I want to note them here for completeness, but then move on to outline my own frustrations which come from a different angle.