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Jetpack Compose Support in Workflow
A deep, deep dive into making Square Workflow @Composable

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In this article, you’ll learn what the plugin does, how to set up and configure it, and how you can use it to make your library project better.
Learn to track your activities in your Android app by creating a fitness app that uses the Activity Recognition API.
I recently found a bug that would cause a crash in all the apps I ever made. In some apps the crash had never happened, even though the bug was there, and in others the crash would happen 1 in every 1 million sessions or so, which made it a low priority issue.
Libraries and useful resources
Pluto is a on-device debugger for Android applications, which helps in inspection of HTTP requests/responses, capture Crashes and ANRs and manipulating application data on-the-go.

The library has been rewritten in Kotlin, but it remains binary-compatible with 4.x.The intent is to support Kotlin multiplatform in the future.This is otherwise a relatively minor, bug-fix relea...

Kotlin has already been on the scene for ten years. Since its conception, it’s been changing the way people work, both at JetBrains and beyond.

Class of the week
This class performs the graphical effect used at the edges of scrollable widgets when the user scrolls beyond the content bounds in 2D space.
Beyond Android
Creating QR codes that look like anything. Plus, world's first QR gif using this technique!