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Maximizing OkHttp connection reuse
We know that performance is important for our users, and this includes networking. Recently we investigated the performance of our Android app’s networking stack and found some areas to improve our performance and the app itself for all users. We want to share some tips on how to optimize OkHttp connection reuse, and also the process of debugging a 3rd party library.
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The hilt of a dagger, sword or lightsaber is used to be able to hold the weapon without cutting yourself in the fingers. Hilt is the latest attempt from Google to attempt to prevent you from cutting yourself when using Dagger. 
In this Android tutorial, you’ll learn how to keep your information private by securing network data in transit.
Simple, short, and quick — this glossary is best used as an introduction to coroutines, or a quick reminder on what you should know.
When developing an application, there's an opportunity to polish the user experience by using icon animations to define different states of a particular interaction.
Libraries and useful resources
Snippets and guides for Jetpack Compose on the Android platform.
🗡️ Android Pokedex using Dagger Hilt, Motion, Coroutines, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, LiveData) based on MVVM architecture.
In this episode, Romain, Chet and Tor talked with Mady Melor  and Artur Tsurkan from the System UI team about... Bubbles! Bubbles let users easily multi-task from anywhere on their device, and facilitates real-time communication using a chat application.
The Android Studio 4.0 release introduces a new Motion Editor, Build Speed window, Live Layout inspector, Multi Preview for your layouts, support for Kotlin DSL script files, and a Smart editor for R8 rules.
Class of the week
SlidingPaneLayout provides a horizontal, multi-pane layout for use at the top level of a UI. A left (or first) pane is treated as a content list or browser, subordinate to a primary detail view for displaying content.
Beyond Android
One of my life’s traumas is the bug trackers, the issue trackers, the project management tools. The toolset that completes the version control log to form the development equivalent of double-entry bookkeeping.