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CameraX: Getting Started
The camera is central to the mobile device experience, with many popular apps using it in some way. As a mobile developer, you’ll need to know how to integrate the camera into your apps. However, you’ll find that coding for the camera is hard work. You need to account for variations due to different versions of Android running on different devices, and edge cases tied to those differences.
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So your apps just implemented a shiny new dark theme and it’s looking 👌 And if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s in the pipeline for you to work on sometime in the future! 

Tutorial on how to create Telegram-like theme change animation (with simple solution for custom theme support for views).
Type safety prevents us from making errors or having to debug them later. For Android resource types, like String, Font or Animation resources, we can use androidx.annotations like @StringRes, @FontRes and Lint enforces that we pass a parameter of the correct type
Lately, I have been searching for the best practices of Kotlin Flow in MVVM architecture. After I have answered this question about LiveData and Flow, I’ve decided to write this post. In this post, I will be explaining how to use Flow with LiveData in the MVVM pattern. Then we will see how to change the app theme by using Flow.
Libraries and useful resources
This is a Gradle plugin for Android applications which resolves XML string references in other XML strings.
Simple tool for browsing Dagger graphs generated via an SPI plugin.
Analyze dependency usage in Android and Java projects, with a Gradle plugin.z
In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk with Adam Powell from the UI Toolkit team about Jetpack Compose. The conversation meandered into declarative programming, reacting to state changes, data flowing through an application, and Kotlin domain-specific languages.
It finally happens! KG and Donn talk about Coroutines with two experts at Google Manuel & Sean. We’ve waited quite sometime on Fragmented to discuss this topic. We wanted to make sure Coroutines was mature enough to be compared with the contenders. Listen to find out more!
Class of the week
Represents a virtual display. The content of a virtual display is rendered to a Surface that you must provide to DisplayManager#createVirtualDisplay.
Beyond Android
Have you seen the next great framework? Seasoned managers will clinch their teeth when they hear this. It seems every 4-8 years there’s always some promise of faster development, or cleaner code. Sometimes these promises are true, and slowly the entire development team start to focus on the next big.