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Android Development Best Practices
With best practices under your fingertips, you will not lose precious time on reinventing the wheel. Instead, you can focus on writing quality code and getting the job done.
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The keyboard management is one of the biggest problems of the Android platform since API 1. That was almost 12 years ago. However, there are mentions of a very promising API on the horizon. In Android 11, most probably, we will finally get the control of the Soft Input Keyboard. 
Keeping your projects up to date in a breeze

Jetpack App Startup is a library that provides a straightforward, performant way to initialize components at application startup. Both library developers and app developers can use App Startup to streamline startup sequences and explicitly set the order of initialization.
Some tasks just shouldn’t be deferred

Libraries and useful resources
Development environment for Jetpack Android extension libraries. Synchronized with Jetpack's primary development branch on AOSP.
Take a deeper look at what declarative programming means and how we should think about it when building our apps. We will look into the main principles of Jetpack Compose and try to draw parallels with the “old Android way” of doing common tasks. 
The Navigation Architecture Component serves as a framework for navigating within your app. Ian covers how Navigation 2.2 and 2.3’s improvements in deep linking, APIs for returning a result, new support for testing Navigation, and integration with dynamic feature modules can make some common tasks and some tricky cases much easier to handle.
Hilt builds on Dagger for form Android's new recommended way to perform dependency injection. And it's also a great opportunity for Chet and Romain to display their lack of knowledge in that space.
Class of the week
FragmentScenario provides API to start and drive a Fragment's lifecycle state for testing. It works with arbitrary fragments and works consistently across different versions of the Android framework.

Beyond Android
Leading our own journey, with some guidance, allows us to build a map for ourselves and find our own way to the end.