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Fragments: Rebuilding the Internals
Introducing: the new state manager

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A webpage of an android guy that posts (mostly) android stuff.
Disabling Jetifier helped cut Cuvva's build times by 40%: in this blog, we'll look at how you can do the same.

Making a know-it-all, without pulling your hair.
Using ML Kit’s Digital Ink Recognition API, we can recognize handwritten text or sketches made by the user on a screen.
Libraries and useful resources
A content provider wrapper for reactive queries.
Boil is a CLI companion to add boilerplate codes to your Gradle project.
Android Performance Tuner (APT) enables you to deliver the best possible experience to each of your users by helping you to measure and optimize frame rate stability and graphical fidelity across many Android devices at scale.
Class of the week
Information you can retrieve about a running process.
Beyond Android
When developing a modern API, choice between REST or gRPC is your make-or-break decision. We've rounded up why and when you should use gRPC over REST.