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Understanding migrations with Room
Performing database migrations with the SQLite API always made Florina feel like she was defusing a bomb — as if she was one wrong move away from making the app explode in her users’ hands. If you’re using Room to handle your database operations, migrations are as easy as flipping a switch.

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Android Security is always developing new ways of using data to find and block potentially harmful apps (PHAs) from getting onto your devices.
RxBinding provides RxJava binding APIs for Android User Interface (UI) widgets. 

This is the final preview before launch of the official Android O platform to the consumers later this summer
ATSL version 1.0 is a major update to existing testing APIs and comes with lots of new features, improved performance, stability, and bug fixes.
In Android, Application classes tend to get huge and out of hand pretty fast, because of all configuration that is meant for them to do.

Do ViewModels persist my data?
Quang Nguyen shares some tips&tricks with writing unit tests for RxJava.
A modified CollapsingToolbarLayout that can deal with multiline titles.

Retrofit converter thich uses Thrifty for Apache Thrift-compatible serialization.

In this decompress episode, DF and KG kick it off with a brief discussion of the highlights from the recent reddit AMA that the Android Engineering folk conducted.
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