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Navigation Component: An Overview
In which I introduce some fundamental concepts of the Navigation component tool and APIs

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Reading Jesse’s article started me thinking about one of my favourite problems in the Android world: Navigation. Navigation is a key part of any application that has more than two screens. Which is probably most of them. But navigation on Android sucks.
Navigation component isn’t limited to destinations inside of NavHostFragment

In this article I will be discussing about Android Activity launch modes, why we need launch mode and what are the different launch modes.
In August, we announced plans to expand Android Auto’s app ecosystem to enable new navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging apps. We’ve been hard at work collaborating with our early access partners to test and refine the Android for Cars App Library. 
Libraries and useful resources
Nested popup menus with smooth height animations.
👓 A continuously updated list of learning Jetpack Compose for Android apps.
The Android Studio 4.1 release introduces a Database inspector, Dagger navigation support, a native memory profiler, improvements for Apply Changes, the ability to use the emulator directly inside Android Studio, and more!
Class of the week
A registry that stores activity result callbacks for registered calls. You can create your own instance for testing by overriding onLaunch(int, ActivityResultContract, I, ActivityOptionsCompat) and calling dispatchResult(int, O) immediately within it, thus skipping the actual Activity.startActivityForResult(Intent, int) call. 
Beyond Android
A tale of a curious student with a hungry mind.