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Updating your widget for Android 12
Widgets have been part of the core Android experience for a long time, with many apps using widgets effectively to increase their user engagement.
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Starting on July 22nd, developers can appeal for an extension through the Help Center and we will review each request and get back to requests as soon as possible.
Use the Fast Pair Service to reduce the amount of work that you and your end users have to do to pair your devices to an Android phone.
As your library code is evolving over time, you have to be mindful of changes in your public API. Here’s how we keep it in check.
Kotlin build times are often slow, this is a laundry list of common issues and what you can or can't do about them.
Libraries and useful resources
Plugin and backend to convert Figma designs to Jetpack Compose code.
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Class of the week
Callback object to be called when the toast is shown or hidden.
Beyond Android
KMM is an SDK for multiplatform mobile development. With KMM, you can develop multiplatform mobile applications and share parts of your apps between Android and iOS, such as core layers, business logic, presentation logic, and more.