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Multi-module Lint Rules 🤹‍♀️
I have been learning a LOT about Lint the past year. Our team has grown 5x since I joined more than three years ago, and it became really obvious really quickly that we should be letting robots do a lot of the mundane and repetitive enforcement of our team’s code conventions.
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Android devices contain powerful cameras, with manufacturers devoting a lot of effort to build many cutting-edge features, or special effects, into these camera devices. These powerful features used to be accessible only to the device’s native camera applications. With the CameraX Extensions API, third-party developers can now access these powerful camera features through a common, simple interface.
Learn to use Cucumber, Gherkin, Hamcrest and Rest Assured to integrate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) in an application made using Spring Boot and Kotlin.
Okay, so there’s a bit more to know about structured concurrency. This short-ish addenda covers how exceptions propogate within structured concurrent code.
In this blog post, you will understand how to identify missing branches and write better tests for your code.
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Samples for Android Architecture Components.
Welcome to Now in Android! Today we're covering the 2021 Android Dev Summit, the Android 12 AOSP launch, Hilt and Paging in MAD Skills and much more.
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Span that allows defining the alignment of text at the paragraph level.
Beyond Android
Learn how to build multiplatform projects in a CI/CD pipeline using Kotlin.