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ViewModels and LiveData: Patterns + AntiPatterns
A collection of patterns and recommendations for using the Architecture Components.

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ArsTechnica takes a 20,000 word deep-dive on Android's "foundational" upgrades.

LiveData is a data holder class that keeps a value and allows this value to be observed and respects the lifecycle of app components

As this year’s Google I/O (2017) approached, the build times of the project Shaishav Gandhi was working on spiked up exponentially. Clean builds that took 3–4 mins were taking 13–14 mins and incremental builds which took less than a min were taking close to 6 mins. So why the sudden exponential increase in build times?
Automatic binding+disposal of RxJava 2 streams.

Securely store data in SharedPreferences.
Android O and Support Library 26 introduce new ways of working with fonts. You can now bundle fonts as resources by adding the font file in the res/font folder and use it like any other asset in XML layouts, styles or programmatically via the Typeface. 
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A token granting applications the ability to capture screen contents and/or record system audio.
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