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New & Improved Fingerprint Authentication in Android Apps
Google released the new BiometricPrompt as a replacement for FingerprintManager last September. We decided to test out whether we would be able to integrate it in our Android library which simplifies fingerprint authentication, called the Goldfinger–and whether a library like Goldfinger would even be necessary with the new API.
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Attackers are exploiting a zeroday vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that can give them full control of at least 18 different phone models, including four different Pixel models, a member of Google’s Project Zero research group said on Thursday night.
When it comes to solving the Dependency Inversion principle, there is no better way then using annotations in the JVM world. However, generating code in compile time has some costs. For example the build time. And I believe this is the only thing dagger can't do well alone.
Scoped storage sample code, Kotlin codelabs, and Android Dev Summit livestream.
In this article, primarily, I want to show that it’s worth the time to write a custom code analysis rule to enforce code conventions. Secondly, I want to demonstrate that in addition to Checkstyle and ktlint, Android Lint should also be considered when creating a formatting-related code.
Constraint Layout’s Flow is very useful for displaying views in one direction as much as possible and wrap to next line if space is not enough. Flow’s orientation can either be horizontal or vertical. It comes with some cool attributes : WrapMode, Gap, Styles, Bias and Alignment.
Whilst recently working on a side project I ran into a situation where I needed to make use of the Android Firebase SDKs. This project of mine uses Kotlin Coroutines for all of the asynchronous task handling, so ideally I wanted to keep any Firebase calls to use the same approach – not only so that the callbacks would be both consistant but also so that they would tie in with the current flows of data.
Libraries and useful resources
📼 Record and replay OkHttp network interaction in your tests.
Empress is a framework for managing application state and its representation in UI. It's targeted to be used with Android's activities and fragments, but you can also use it standalone.
Videos/Podcasts is your platform for all things Android development. Blog posts from leading authorities and video archive from droidcons around the world.
Kotlin isn’t a magic bullet that prevents NullPointerExceptions. Not at all. What Kotlin does do is force you to think about how you want to handle your nulls. through Kotlin forcing you to think this through, the hope is that you’ll avoid NullPointerExceptions. The only problem is, Kotlin has the !! operator, also known as the “Not Null Assertion Operator”. 
Class of the week
Searchability meta-data for an activity. Only applications that search other applications should need to use this class. See Searchable Configuration for more information about declaring searchability meta-data for your application.
Beyond Android
When I started up my journey into the fabulous world of Flutter last year, very little documentation could be found on Internet compared to what exists today. Despite the number of articles that have been written, very few talk about how Flutter actually works.