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Animating your Keyboard
New WindowInsets APIs for checking the keyboard (IME) visibility and size.
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Better UI building with Compose

Using Material Design Components to implement a dark theme.
Earlier this year, Trello noticed that Play Store uploads were being increasingly delayed before being sent to users. Whereas before we could depend on users getting new APKs in a few hours, now it was sometimes taking days. After some investigation, we discovered an interesting property of the Play Store.
Thermal APIs, why they were added, information & controls they provide, and how you can test your app under different thermal stress levels.
Libraries and useful resources
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Never open sonatype's website again for releasing your libraries.
This week, after a long series of developer previews, we are celebrating the release of Jetpack Compose alpha.
Class of the week
This class represents an MTP or PTP device connected on the USB host bus.
Beyond Android
Set the default branch for newly-created repositories