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Whole Lottie Love

A collection of code examples and animations you can use with Airbnb's Lottie library, which allows you to use animations directly from After Effects.

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There's few ways to remove findViewById methods and do way more awesome stuff with layouts. Let's compare those two libraries and what each can offer.

Architecture components: ViewModel and LiveData.
Success is measured differently in all spheres of life, and even differs from one individual to the next. When it comes to apps, some developers expect nothing less than thousands of users everyday, while others are happy with a few hundred.
The Android Architecture components are a welcome addition to the Android Platform. In this blog post, Rebecca examines the new classes that were introduced to handle Lifecycle changes.
Looking for tools and solutions to implement UI chat in app? Stfalcon created ChatKit library for Android that will make your life and app development easier.

TalkingKotlin podcast with Jorge - how he's been adopting functional programming to improve the architecture of his Android applications.
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This class contains various date-related utilities for creating text for things like elapsed time and date ranges, strings for days of the week and months, and AM/PM text etc.
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