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Why Not RxLifecycle?
Dan Lew is pulling back from using his own creation.
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Loading large bitmaps into memory is always a pain. 

Ryan Cooke writes in-depth about the challenges Android developers will likely face with Kotlin and offers solutions.
The topic is old as the hills, but still is being actively discussed among developers due to frequent API and behavior changes. The goal of this post is to gather all tips and address all pitfalls while implementing this functionality.
Mark Allison demystifies ClickableSpan

David Ganster writes about the AdditiveAnimation Android library and how it drastically improved the feel of his apps without any significant code changes.
Iterable Extensions for Java 6+.

The best videos from the Android community and beyond.

During Google I/O, Jerrell chats with Chiu-Ki about running Chicago Roboto to bring an Android conference to the midwest, its challeges and rewards.
Class of the week
Utility class for constructing synthetic back stacks for cross-task navigation on Android 3.0 and newer.

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