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Writing Concise Code with Kotlin and RxJava
Tips and tricks how to write readable, consice, and beautiful code using the Kotlin language and RxJava.

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It is possible to use a legitimate Android application as a Trojan in order to exploit the actual device of the user. 

We continue our discussion of the way RecyclerView searches for a View at given position.
How to understand RxJava by implementing one.

Last week Google has announced the new Android O Preview programme. Here’s what people at Novoda are looking forward to.

Right resources to master Android development.
Scrollable list of items, where current item is centered and can be changed using swipes.

Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. 
Android Developers preview of the upcoming O release - Learn how to use the new behavior changes like the new Background restrictions and new features like Notification channels, Autofill framework, XML resources and many more! 
Learn how to use the Espresso Test Recorder in Android Studio 2.3 to add UI test to your app.
Class of the week
Represents a set of arguments used to initialize the picture-in-picture mode.

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