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Implementing Dark Theme in Android
As Android's system-wide dark mode update affects all apps that support dark theme, here are two ways to implement dark theme in Android apps.
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Simplify usage of Android View Binding with Kotlin Property Delegates and solve behavior of Fragment’s ViewLifecycleOwner
You might have had the problem where a RecyclerView loses the scroll position when your Activity/Fragment is re-created. This usually happens because the Adapter data is loaded asynchronously and data hasn’t loaded by the time RecyclerView needs to layout so it fails to restore the scroll position.
In Jetpack Compose, composables are backed by LayoutNodes, which are one of the possible nodes we can find on the composable tree. Each composable has its own Layout.
Here is some advice on enabling app signing by Google Play, based on questions our Developer Relations team has heard from developers.
Libraries and useful resources
Learn beginner & advanced tips and tutorials on Android Developments with handcrafted resources by Wajahat Karim
An example project to demonstrate how to build WhatsApp using Jetpack Compose.
OK, If you really want to know how git works, this is the episode for you.
KG talks with his longtime colleague and mentor Gordon McCreight. Gordon is a wiz in general but his knowledge of git goes deep. So in this episode, KG goes solo and really dives in-depth about how git works.
In this episode, Tor, Chet and Romain are joined by Jorim, Adrian and Taran from the Window Manager team. We discussed newly announced capabilities of the IME (Input Method Editor) in Android  11.
Class of the week
Helper for accessing EdgeEffect. This class is used to access EdgeEffect on platform versions that support it. When running on older platforms it will result in no-ops. It should be used by views that wish to use the standard Android visual effects at the edges of scrolling containers.
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